Get Started

Once you’ve determined that your salt cell is in need of repair, contact Salt Solutions to request a paid UPS shipping label.
This label makes shipping your salt cell to us not only very easy, but free as well.

Turn Off Your System

Locate the main control panel for your chlorinator. It’s usually located right next to the main power switch & timer for your pool filtration system. Once you’ve found the chlorinator control panel, turn the main power off.

Remove Your Salt Cell

Using a large pair of channel-locks (available for about $15 at your local hardware store), unscrew the right side collar of the salt cell. The collar should rotate towards you when being loosened. Once unscrewed, you’ll need to unscrew the left side collar. This collar should rotate away you when being loosened. Some water will still be present in the cell and associated PVC tubing, so you will see it leak out once the collars have been loosened.

Unplug Your Salt Cell

Unplug Your Salt Cell You’ll find a single cable coming from the panel that connects to your salt cell. Unplug it from the panel by gripping it as close to the panel as possible and giving it a firm tug directly away from the panel.

Prep Your Cell For Shipping

Once removed, allow your cell to completely drain of water. You should wrap the salt cell cord around the unit itself, then package it securely in an adequately sized box. You should use packing peanuts or newspaper to fill in the extra space in the box to keep the unit secure during shipment. Bring the packaged unit along with the UPS shipping label you received from Salt Solutions to your nearest UPS shipping facility. You will not be charged for the shipment.